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What Is Seasonal Lawncare?

Seasonal Lawncare Tips

Whether you're a homeowner, commercial real estate firm, or property manager, your lawn needs to look at its best throughout the year. Of course, we all want our lawns to look good, but most of us have no idea how to make the magic happen. Fortunately, lawn care management companies like Premier Oaks Landscape Management can help provide the attention your lawn deserves.

You must note that each season has unique lawncare requirements that help keep your lawn at its healthy, lush peak. Otherwise, a neglected lawn can suffer several consequences, including; abundant weeds, unhealthy soil, harmful pests, and poor growth patterns. Follow these tips to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year.

Spring Lawncare Tips

Spring brings some relief to your lawn after it endures winter's extreme conditions. Therefore, whatever lawncare task you perform will determine the outcome of your lawn for the next couple of months.

Grass mowing – When the grass starts growing, you should start mowing immediately to promote healthy growth.

Apply fertilizer – This supplies your lawn with the nutrients it needs to flourish and green up quickly.

Overseed – Spring is the best season to seed or overseed your lawn to make it thicker and healthier.

Summer Lawncare Tips

Your lawn receives the highest foot traffic during summer. This is because everyone wants to spend more time outdoors and engage in fun summer activities. Plus, the lower rainfall and summer's extreme temperatures can lead to slowed grass growth. Thus, your lawn is likely to suffer the most damage in summer. Keep your lawn vibrant by:

● Use lawn irrigation to water the grass based on the weather

● Treat weeds and pests

● Fertilize warm-season grass

Fall Lawncare Tips

As summer fades away, warm-season grass starts to go dormant, and cool-season grass flourishes. You must remember that the lawn tasks you do during fall will reap fruits in winter. Help your lawn remain healthy with these tips.

Remove fallen leaves to allow air and sun to reach the grass.

● Overseed cool-season grass to thicken your lawn

● Dethatch and aerate your lawn to allow nutrients and water to penetrate easily into the roots

● Continue mowing the lawn until the grass stops growing

Winter Lawncare Tips

Winter comes with harsh weather conditions that can intensely affect your lawn. Therefore, you should double your efforts in taking care of your lawn. You need to:

● Prepare for the season early – complete every lawn task before winter arrives

● Dethatch your lawn throughout the season

● Rake, mow, fertilize, and water the lawn regularly

Contact Premier Oaks Landscape Management for Superior Lawncare Services

Maintaining a green, healthy lawn throughout the year is a tough job that requires the help of a professional. At Premier Oaks Landscape Management, we offer a wide range of lawn care services to enhance your outdoor living space all year round. We will develop a lawn maintenance plan that fits your needs. Contact us online or call us at 817-422-3299 to get a free quote.

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