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What Types of Landscaping Are There?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Landscaping Designs for Your Home Exterior

When you intend to get a new landscaping design for your yard, you want to pick one that improves your home’s overall look. The landscaping design you choose should accommodate your sustainability and comfort goals. At Premier Oaks Landscape Management, we have a wealth of experience in landscaping and lawn management that will give your Dallas Fort Worth yard an appealing look and feel. Here are a few types of landscaping you should consider.

1. Tropical Landscape

You don’t have to travel to other continents to experience that sentimental tropical view. You can create these vibes in your yard with lush greenery by planting hibiscus flowers, palm trees, jasmine, and orchids. You can also level up with a waterfall, swimming pool, or hammock.

The DFW area has hot and humid summers, and the most sought-after plants to create that tropical look are summer flowering plants. If you have decided to use the tropical landscaping style, you need to learn the growth habits and ways to take care of the tropical plants. With our superior lawn management services, we will take care of your plants throughout the year to maintain the desired perennial tropical look.

2. Woodland Landscape

Do you have a wooded area in your compound? You can use it to form a foundation of an appealing landscape. If you don’t intend to spend a lot on maintenance, the woodland landscape is the best style to pick. You can plant the shrubs, forest trees and leave them to grow without interference.

Trees like walnut, oak, maple, and cherry are ideal for a woodland landscape. However, they require time to grow and grow slowly, particularly during the winter season. You can use softwoods like pine if you want an option that will take a shorter growth period. The beauty of this style is that you can add benches, birdhouses, and walkways to bring out that woodland ambiance.

3. Formal Landscape

This type of landscape is well-structured, balanced, symmetrical, and geometric. It requires more maintenance than other landscaping types. You can add a pool, sculpture, or fountain to bring more focal points to the outdoor space.

Mostly, this design requires flowers or plants that can be sheared to develop orderly and creative geometric shapes. If you intend to have a formal landscape in your DFW yard, it’s advisable to hire a professional landscape manager like Premier Oaks Landscape Management to do the job for you.

4. Informal Landscape

This is where you allow plants and flowers to grow freely. You can let them grow symmetrically or asymmetrically, depending on your ultimate goal. If you have always admired having a home with a natural design, then this is your style.

These designs can incorporate perennials, flowering shrubs, and ornamental grasses. You can also arrange the plants in random patterns and get wild with curved-edge plant beds. It’s a great choice if you have children playing in the yard.

Looking to Add a New Landscape to Your Yard in Dallas, TX? Contact us Now

Your home’s landscaping design speaks volumes about your personality and enhances your overall property value. At Premier Oaks Landscaping Management, we are reputable for our exceptional landscaping and lawn installation and maintenance services throughout Texas. Please contact us online or call us directly at 817-422-3299 to get a free quote.

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